"You don't take a photograph, you ask, quietly, to borrow it" - I ask, to see it, again and again, for every perspective brings with it a whole new meaning, a whole new feeling.


Danube night cruise, Budapest...and delighting the weary eyes that never saw the sun fall in the sea.....

Standing tall....

...being precise and English....that always reminds me of the one and only Sherlock Holmes !


Synagogue, BudapestThe largest synagogue in Europe in all its grandeur !

Bitter Lake, Happy People

Bitter Lake, Al Fayed, EgyptLove is having someone to watch a sunset on an evening without having to say anything !

Beauty of Valletta

View from Upper barraca gardens, Valetta, MaltaOne thing that Vinna thandi Varuvaya accomplished was enlighten desis that there are other beautiful places in Europe besides Paris and Switzerland.

Seem familiar ?

Facade of the Comares, Alhambra, GranadaDoesn't the intrinsically carved walls and the reflection remind you of something ? I thought of another famous example of the Islamic architecture, the Taj Mahal.